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Divorce, death of a partner/spouse, taking time off from work for a growing family, being a care-giver to aging parents, re-entering the workforce after a career break, starting a new venture ...

The list continues of the times a woman transitions through life.

We, women are impacted more financially and emotionally by life transitions than men.

And many times, these transitions are accompanied by a sense of isolation, and absence of people we can trust.

As a woman, I have personally walked through some of these transitions. Some times were so deliriously happy that I did not want a day to end. And some times were so difficult that I did not want to open my eyes in the mornings, knowing what reality awaited me.

All through the good and the bad, there was a common thread. A yearning to have someone in my life who not only cares, but can also provide objective guidance; who has my back, who will look out for me. Someone I can trust with my eyes closed.

This "someone" is what we promise you. 

You are like no one else. Your situation is like no one else's. There is no template we can provide that will help you navigate your situation. But we will come to the place where you are,  we will be by your side, we will look out for you, and we will always honor the trust you place in us.


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