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You are proud of your past achievements; and you have dreams for your future.

These dreams are more personal; until now they have been pushed to the bottom of your list as you attended to things that you needed to do.

But now is your time - time to reach out and realize those dreams.

Question you ask is - are you financially ready for this? 

Maya Advisors was our dream. It was not easy to quit a successful corporate career to start an independent practice. But it was our calling. We reached out for our dream and have never looked back.

We want you to achieve your calling; experience what we experience every day - the satisfaction, the excitement of waking up every day, to know you are in a place where you always belonged. 

Our Avant-garde New Client Process has

been developed to help you make this important decision.

We understand your financial situation and your goals, so we can create strategies to help you reach your goals

We do financial projections based on your future income and expenses. We use our research and knowledge to create realistic assumptions for future expectations.

We review your assets and its tax impact, and will work with your tax and estate planning professionals to develop strategies that work best for you

We analyze your asset locations (taxable v/s tax-free v/s tax-deferred) and plan for optimal withdrawal strategies. We ensure your portfolio reflects your risk capacity and your goals.

Our risks change with our age. We look at your situation in totality and suggest ways to mitigate your potential risks.

We understand the causes you are passionate about and suggest strategies that helps you make a difference while optimizing your charitable impact

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