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You have always done it.

Taken care of your finances, managed your investments, planned for your goals. But one day, you realize life is getting too busy; there are mid-life financial pressures, time poverty, and an overload of financial information. 

We understand. We have been there. This was one of the reasons behind starting Maya Advisors. To help professionals like you, with interests and passions that need your attention, for whom personal finances sometimes takes the backseat, not because you cannot do it; but because you have a life to live, and dreams to follow.

Your time is premium, we respect this and our Professional New Client Process  makes onboarding as efficient as possible for you.

We understand your financial situation and your goals, so we can create strategies to help you reach your goals

We do financial projections based on your income and expenses to create a savings strategy that helps you achieve your goals

We review your tax situation and suggest ways to legally optimize deductions and credits to minimize your tax obligation

We analyze your risk capacity and see if your portfolio reflects your risk profile and financial goals

Holding a concentrated investment is inherently risky. In many cases, it is also unavoidable if you are a company executive, or an employee with concentration in your employer stock. We help you understand your options and how to mitigate the risks within the context of your overall portfolio.

We will work with your estate attorney to ensure your estate plan is up to date and reflects what you want it to do

Insurance is a tool that serves an important role in protecting your family and your assets. We review your risks and suggest ways by which these risks can be mitigated.

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