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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your portfolio is a reflection of your hard work and achievement. It is a conduit for your goals and dreams. The goal might be to send kids to college, or to retire with zero worries; or simply to build wealth.

Whatever your goal, our goal at Maya Advisors is to support you reach your goal.

We treat your money with utmost care and due-diligence.

Your portfolio is designed to reflect your goals and aspirations. In addition, we bring in efficiency through reasonable costs,  and tax sensitive management.

We are a fiduciary, not only because the law says so; but because we believe this is the right thing to do.

Investment management is multi-dimensional; some of the many factors we consider while managing your investments are:

Goals and Objectives | Life Stage | Income Need | Other assets | Asset Allocation | Asset Location (taxable v/s tax-deferred v/s tax-free) | Capital Loss Harvesting | Capital Gain Harvesting | Rebalancing | Fees | Taxes | Performance | Your Risk Capacity

Portfolios fee is based on assets managed and calculated as follows

0.60% of assets managed up to $5,000,000
0.40% of additional assets over $5,000,000 and up to $10,000,000
0.20% of additional assets over $10,000,000

We request a minimum of $2,250/quarter or the fees outlined above, whichever is greater, for discretionary portfolio management

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