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Collaborative/Non-discretionary Portfolio Management

Collaborative (or Non-discretionary or Client Managed) Portfolio service is for self-directed investors who would like to manage their portfolios under professional discipline and guidance.


This service is best suited for Clients who have a high level of investment discipline, long-term investment focus, and expertise in Excel, online trading, and investment recordkeeping.


This service is based on passive investment strategies and is provided on a non-discretionary basis. We work closely with you to identify your investment goals and objectives as well as risk tolerance and financial situation in order to create a portfolio strategy. We then construct a portfolio, based either on mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), depending on your choice. You can also create portfolios based on Dimensional Funds. We meet with you twice a year to review any changes to your personal situation and to assist with rebalancing your portfolio. We provide you with instructions on how to rebalance the account[s]. However, the responsibility of executing the trades is yours.

Some of the many factors we consider while guiding you on your investments are:

Goals and Objectives | Life Stage | Income Need | Other assets | Asset Allocation | Asset Location (taxable v/s tax-deferred v/s tax-free) | Rebalancing | Fees | Taxes | Performance | Your Risk Capacity

Portfolios fee is based on assets advised and calculated as follows

0.40% of assets managed up to $5,000,000
0.20% of additional assets over $5,000,000 and up to $10,000,000
0.10% of additional assets over $10,000,000

We request a minimum of $2,000/quarter or the fees outlined above, whichever is greater, for collaborative/non-discretionary/client-managed portfolio management

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